Belly bands

I also picked up some belly bands when I was in Mothercare. I didn’t know what belly bands were until my friend told me about them. She used them during her pregnancy and found them useful afterwards when she was breastfeeding. Belly bands are designed to support your bump (a bit early for that you might think!) but as well as covering up a tummy for a mum who is moving her top around trying to breastfeed, they also allow you to wear your non-maternity trousers a bit longer by hiding unfastened trousers. They give a layered look – so if you were using them over the top of trousers that you can no longer do up they just look like you have a longer top on underneath your main top. The belly bands are made of cotton and elastane so feel just like a normal vest/cami top albeit with gentle support – and they wash just like a t-shirt. They come in a pack of two (one black, one white) for only £10 so for anyone looking to delay purchasing bigger clothes I would say that they’re worth every penny. I’m already finding that hardly any of my trousers fit so I know I’m going to give them a try.

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