Spa treatments – and cheese

Before I was pregnant I booked myself in (with a close friend) for a pamper day at an excellent local spa. This was a belated 30th birthday celebration for the both of us. I love chilling out in spas and pools and was really looking forward to visiting this one for the first time. I’m normally a big fan of saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis and the like and was really disappointed when I learned that these are definitely not allowed when pregnant. Tiny as the baby is, it can still overheat which can damage its developing nervous system. When your core temperature rises, the amniotic fluid can heat up and the poor baby has no way of keeping cool. I don’t think unborn babies like hot baths like we do!

So, a relaxing pedicure was on the cards instead. As my friend treated me to a pedicure she joked that I soon wouldn’t be able to see my feet so she wanted me to make the most of them now! Half an hour later I was looking at my pink toenails and my newly invigorated legs and wishing that I could have a leg massage like this every day. My friend had decided by then that we must come back later in the pregnancy and was already asking the therapists about special pregnancy massages and treatments, busy planning a baby shower.

I may have missed out on the hot and cold experiences at the spa but on the plus side I attacked the lunch buffet with gusto – and without feeling guilty about it! I’m trying not to eat for two (I know that I only need a bit extra every day) but I think it’s incredible how hungry I feel sometimes. My friend had to choose cheese and biscuits for dessert though. I love blue cheese, smelly cheese, brie etc. It’s another forbidden fruit when pregnant (unless you grill it or bake it). That’s because of the risk of listeria I think. So I watched as my so-called friend indulged in Stilton (claiming it was the best she’d ever had!) and camembert. I tried not to covet her cheese. But it was very hard indeed, even though I’d just had a great meal. Why do I want what I can’t have? Cheese has been one of my pregnant cravings and up until now I’ve managed to limit myself to hard cheeses that are convenient to snack on like Babybel. But now I know what I’m missing out on it’s going to be hard to stay disciplined. I think baked/grilled cheese is the way for me.

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