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Hair colouring when pregnant

I’d read that it’s not a good idea to dye your hair when pregnant. I don’t dye mine but I do have highlights done occasionally at the hairdressers. This is supposed to be safe during pregnancy. I thought it best though to check with my colourist because I’d also read stories on the web of people’s hair reacting differently to colouring when pregnant. Claire confirmed that highlights and lowlights don’t touch the scalp so they are fine throughout pregnancy. So I let her do some Sassoon ones as normal and trim it back a bit. I felt great afterwards. I feel like I’m already putting on so much weight on my body but there’s nothing like having your hair done, your head feels all light and lovely and you simply bounce out of the salon. And straight into the rain! Well the moment was nice while it lasted! The NHS site advice regarding using hair dye whilst pregnant or breastfeeding is fairly straightforward. I would always take a hairdresser’s advice and not experiment!