Weight gain and calories

Everything I’ve read seems to indicate that you need about 200 or 300 extra calories a day when you’re pregnant with one baby but if you’re pregnant with twins you need about twice that. The thing is, I won’t have a scan until about twelve weeks and in the meantime I’m getting really hungry. However, I’m concerned that I may be putting on too much weight (even though the weight gain only seems to be on my tummy and inside my bra). If it’s only one baby then maybe I’m gaining too much in the first trimester. But if it’s two then maybe I’m eating the right amount. It’s a bit of a tricky one.

I’m trying to stick to healthy snacks and meals so I really hope that I’m doing the right thing. No-one wants to put on far too much weight. I’m going to have to carry it around all summer! I can’t wait until I have the scan and get some guidance from a midwife. My doctor saw me a week ago, but just to write down a few dates and ask if I was taking folic acid. Doctors leave it all to the midwives nowadays and rarely interfere. I think I’m going to have a lot of questions to ask my midwife!

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