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Pregnant BellyWell all this talk about big bumps has concerned me, so I’ve turned to the internet to try and shed some light on the matter. Maybe my bits are all just arranged a bit differently or something? I’ve been trying to find pictures of people who are pregnant with twins and seem to have my body type. To be honest it’s not that easy. I’ve not found that many photos of early pregnant bellies. But I’m definitely showing, when according to most things I’ve read my uterus should be really low down at the moment and hiding away.

I’ve looked at some of the ‘how do you know it’s twins’ type articles but it’s kind of inconclusive. Perhaps my baby is just floating around in an Olympic sized swimming pool enjoying the space? The thought of twins excites me as well as unnerves me. I’ve seen friends trying to cope with one baby – but two?! I’ve seen Octomom on TV but she has an army of helpers! I’ve been on some forums where everyone says that twins are double the fun. But it also sounds like a lot of hard work. Oh well, the way I look at it is that what we get is what we’re meant to have. So I’m going to try not to think about it!

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