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Mothers’ union

Only a few days since we spilled the beans, and our mothers are meeting up for coffee to discuss the impending joy of grandmotherhood. This summit required mandatory reading of the Mothercare catalogue and discussion as to how much things had changed since ‘their day’. Three decades of pram advancements and technological breakthroughs in baby monitors were covered, as well as an in-depth analysis of the cuteness and variety of baby clothes available in 2010.

Our mothers are both active in researching their family histories. So to prompt us with the all-important name-choosing we are going to be given printouts of our known ancestors. We rather like this idea. There is less pressure on us to name our child after a recent relative, and it has been fun looking at Tim’s side of the family (my mum has yet to show us what she’s come up with). We’re keen on choosing classical names so we’re hoping that looking at our family tree will inspire us.