Bigger bras

Well the reason I’ve started going in and out of Mothercare isn’t because I want to buy things already for my tiny baby (tempting though that is). My bras don’t fit anymore. I already bought new bras about a week after I found out I was pregnant (I dashed into Asda Living one evening to buy a couple of sports bras as I was getting very tender) but they are now simply too tight. So Mothercare it is. The cup sizes in there are scary… but the assistants friendly and I now have bras that fit and are comfortable (for the time being). To get over the shock of my new cup size I feel compelled to get a gingerbread latte just down the street (with a granola treat). I’m trying to cut down on caffeine as much as possible but with the ginger content it sounded like the ideal coffee for a pregnant woman. Good job I don’t go into town very often because it could become a habit…

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