Telling people

We didn’t really want to rush into telling people our good news but the 60th birthday seemed like the best time to tell our parents and grandparents about our baby. A lot of people wait until twelve weeks; some people announce it as soon as they know that they’re pregnant. I guess by chance, we’ve fallen somewhere in-between. We’ve also told some close friends but will wait until we’ve had the dating scan to tell uncles and aunties and cousins etc. Everyone asks about the scan anyway so it’ll save a few phonecalls and emails to have all the information to hand!

My parents were really pleased to discover that they’re going to be grandparents and Tim’s mum was simply overwhelmed when she opened a birthday card with ‘Nanna’ on it – and the penny dropped! Telling his parents was an emotional moment.

The next day we had lunch with all three Nannas as well as my brother and his wife and told them our news. My brother had already guessed (because we seemed to be seeing a lot of family in one weekend) and was very excited to know he was going to be an uncle! I think that this baby already has a lot to be grateful for. We have family and friends who love us and will support us now we’ve taken this step and are going to have a family. Now that the bump is no longer in disguise it is causing speculation. I’ve told everyone that I’ve gone up two trouser sizes and bought bras twice. My bump is too big a bump for a first pregnancy apparently. What’s going on in there? I think I’m having a baby elephant. It feels like it at least!

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