Over the counter pregnancy tests

When I suspected I might be pregnant I went to Boots and bought two home pregnancy tests (their own brand). I took them home and did the tests. They both came back positive, but it really didn’t sink in and I wanted to be totally sure I was pregnant before I told Tim. So I drove to Tesco and bought two of the most advanced HPTs that they had. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with conception indicator was the most expensive but I wanted a confirmation. It was lunchtime so I knew that my HCG hormone levels wouldn’t be at their highest (test first thing in the morning if you really want the conception indicator to accurately tell you how far along you are). With the first Clearblue test I peed into a jug and then stuck the stick in (as per the instructions). With the other one I tried to pee on it for the correct amount of time but seeing as it was the fourth test I ran out of wee too early! No worries, both tests soon displayed as PREGNANT 1 – 2 weeks. I knew that I was really 2 – 3 weeks but I was testing at lunchtime so I didn’t expect it to be accurate, I just wanted to see the words PREGNANT and have it confirmed! I recommend the Clearblue tests. I think it also helped Tim to take it in given the word PREGNANT on the screen. You pay for the simplicity!

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