Antenatal courses

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I thought about NCT classes. I went to to find a suitable antenatal course. The NCT is the UK’s biggest parenting charity and offers excellent value antenatal and postnatal courses (there are discounts and different payment options available to make these viable for as many parents as possible) as well as providing support and a wealth of information. One of my friends is an NCT teacher (also a primary school teacher in her day job) and I’ve seen her shelves bulging with books on pregnancy and parenting. I know that I can trust the NCT!

I also have a friend in London who had a baby a year ago and couldn’t recommend their classes highly enough (and she had a very straight-forward, natural birth!). Given that September/October is a busy time of year (all these Christmas/New Year babies!) I wanted to book in early. I soon found what I wanted – a comprehensive antenatal course in my local area, covering preparation for labour and birth, feeding, and early parenthood. So Tim and I will be going to these evening classes in July.

I guess it really depends on which area of the country you’re in – I’m sure there are other good alternatives in some regions – but from what I can see, this is the best there is in my local area. From what I hear from friends and family the information given by our NHS hospital is fairly basic. So I’m more than happy to help support the NCT and I’m really looking forward to meeting other mums to be!

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